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It’s very difficult to build and maintain a strong brand in such a hyper-fragmented marketing landscape. Today’s business climate of constant leadership change, shareholder pressure to provide increasingly larger returns, and threats from new brands means the pressure to be all things to all people can unnecessarily confuse a brand’s position in the marketplace.

Too often, the compromise to these pressures creates weak brands that fail to rise above it all. It manifests in “me too” approaches to messaging strategies where too many companies are emulating or repeating their competition’s marketing. With so much noise out there, it’s extremely difficult to make an impression on a consumer when you’re repeating someone else’s message. No brand today can remain strong for very long without constant attention and obsessive brand management for the long haul.

At PYRO, we know what it takes to effectively maintain a brand that the masses love (and buy!) while at the same time staying true to the core group of advocates who helped a brand get to where it is today.

We have refined our brand strategy process for extracting a simple yet powerful brand narrative, and then activating omnichannel marketing to optimize your product's appeal in the marketplace. Our methodology makes certain that your brand experience is truly uncommon.

We help create brand relevance by focusing on four important components of your brand to achieve maximum ROI:

  1. Identifying and understanding your advocates.

  2. Articulating the philosophical connection between your brand and its advocates.

  3. Creating engagements to reinforce advocacy across your culture, customer service, causes, promotions, and in-product innovation.

  4. Promoting your core expertise in a way that sets it apart from the sea of sameness and causes action.

If your marketing campaigns aren’t getting you noticed, exciting your target audience, forming an immediate bond with your loyal customers, or meeting your aggressive growth goals, we can help.

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