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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Building and maintaining a strong food and dining brand in this hyper-fragmented marketing landscape can be tricky. Today’s business climate of constant leadership change, shareholder pressure to provide increasingly larger returns, and threats from new concepts means the pressure to be all things to all people can unnecessarily confuse a brand’s position in the marketplace.

Too often, the compromise to these pressures creates weak positioning and messaging strategies that fail to rise above it all. It manifests in “me too” approaches to restaurant marketing where too many companies are emulating or repeating their competition’s messages. With so much noise out there, it’s extremely difficult to make an impression on a consumer when you’re repeating someone else’s creative message. No brand today can remain strong for very long without constant attention and obsessive management for the long haul.

Your Food And Dining Brand Can Really Sizzle.

At PYRO, we know what it takes to effectively maintain a food and dining brand that the masses love (and buy!) while at the same time staying true to the core group of advocates who helped a brand get to where it is today.

We didn’t just pop up like some random food truck. We’ve been enhancing our capabilities for nearly three decades to help our restaurant clients build sales overnight and brands over time. And don’t worry about too many cooks in the kitchen. PYRO will collaborate seamlessly with your internal team to get the creative juices flowing or simply ease the workload.


Brand repositioning

Product messaging strategy

Brand/product/competitive audits

Customer journey

Inclusivity for multicultural messaging

Brainstorming (independently, moderating workshops)

Concept testing and new market rollouts

Menu optimization, architecture, and design

Internal and field alignment

Offer development and testing

Loyalty and eCRM

Intelligence gathering (positioning/pricing)

Trend reporting

Quantitative and qualitative research

Tracking studies

Extensive secondary research resources

Analytics (attribution modeling, etc.)


Any design and writing support you need, really.

Naming of new products, store concepts, services, and menu items

Initial identity

Brand standards

Tagline development

Copywriting, scriptwriting

Content planning and creation

Motion graphics

Package design

Menu design

Storefront and retail merchandising

POP and collateral design

LTO and event concepting and communication planning

Off-premise marketing (catering/delivery/to-go)

Website and app development

Conference and training thematic


Campaign/concept productions

Package and menu production

Influencer marketing

Experiential marketing

Inclusivity programs for multicultural communities

Podcast productions

Third-party ordering integration

eCRM campaign


BJ’s Restaurants Community Coffee Giant Truck Stops Grandy’s

The Honey Baked Ham Co.

International Delight Johnny Carino’s

Jolly Rancher

La Martinique Salad Dressings

Main Event

Mrs Baird’s Bakeries

On The Border

Pollo Tropical

Potato Chip Snack Food Association

Ruby Tuesday Schlafly Beer

Second Nature Egg Substitute

Smokey Bones

Souper Salad


Tom Thumb Supermarkets

Tony Chachere’s


Border Style Mex.

As the only national Mexican casual-dining brand, On The Border has been a part of people’s lives for over 25 years. Today, PYRO is reinvigorating the brand with its differentiating “Border Style” strategy. Generous portions. Bold seasonings. Mesquite-grilled fajitas. This is not typical Tex-Mex. This is Border Style Mex.


Life's Better Under The Palm

A tropical twist that gives life more flavor transcends an exotic menu. It’s also a philosophy on life. A life where every bite’s worth savoring. Literally. And metaphorically. You know why beach vacations are the most popular in the world? The same reason there isn’t a big time-share market in Iowa. People love the sand, the water, the palm trees, and especially the food that goes with it.


Eat. Bowl. Play.

Main Event has always been known for bowling, video games, and laser tag. But lunch, dinner, and happy hour – not so much. Yet, the word EAT is right there in their tagline. Through a series of TV spots, social posts, and emails we successfully positioned Main Event as the eatertainment venue for families craving meaningful connection (whether it’s over a game or across the dining table).


Would You Care For Dessert?

Please indulge in a few more creative samples. These pieces prove that you can increase customer traffic, social engagement, and sales – while at the same time endearing people to your brand.


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