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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

In nearly every client engagement we are in, PYRO is either directly responsible for implementing the consumer research or heavily involved. It means that at any given time we have multiple research studies going on in our agency ranging from quick and easy online studies to the more complex instruments.

We’ve recently had success in the financial services marketing with a new research tool that optimizes communication pieces before implementation by identifying the most important elements in a simulated creative environment (e.g., layout, logo, color, salutation, call to action, etc.). While it doesn't replace the creative process, it lays the groundwork for a better creative output and ultimately saves time and money. Messaging optimization research can:

  • Test dozens/hundreds/thousands of creative variations

  • Identify the combination of individual elements in a finished piece of creative that are most motivating to consumers

  • Determine the best execution of each individual element (for weighting the balance of your messaging toward the variables which most influence the outcome)

  • Understand the relationship between variables in an execution

  • Provide the ability to tailor creative for different audiences

  • Guide optimization at different stages of the purchase journey

The tool uses a conjoint analysis done from a visual perspective - a statistical technique to determine how customers value different attributes that make up a marketing piece. The final deliverable is Conjoint Attribute Importance & Utility Scores and an Online Simulator for any brand to run its own simulations.

While we utilized this most recently to optimize direct mail in the loan refinancing space, it has a broader range of applications including print, digital, websites, offers, POS, etc.

Consumer Research Is The Servant, Not The Master.

At PYRO, we leverage consumer research to feed and fire intuition. Not kill it. Methodologies such as messaging optimization is just one of many to help ensure that clear, in-depth consumer and product insights are the foundation for our campaigns. However, we never forget that a great idea comes from an individual’s imagination and intuition, not a research report. As we say many times, gasoline won’t give you fire until you strike a match.

If your marketing communications aren't get you noticed, aren't exciting customers and prospects, aren't forming an immediate bond with your target, let's us show you how. Our clients have enjoyed great returns on their investment through PYRO as well.

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