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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

An essential ingredient to our brand strategy for A-MAX Insurance was the creation of its "MaxRespect Initiative." Consumer research had illuminated for us the attitudinal bias in the automotive insurance industry against A-MAX’s primary target buying group of low to moderate income households.

Because they don’t live in the right neighborhoods, have the right job, or make the right kind of money, insurance companies tended to treat these consumers as second-class citizens: with higher premiums and a lower level of trust during the claims process.

Not only did it manifest in higher costs (a byproduct of a higher risk profile which could not change), it also led to unreasonably low service levels.

Their prospective customers felt marginalized by the category, with very few believing that the insurance industry portrayed them in a positive light. They also believed that this was a symptom of larger societal biases against the less well-off among us.

Digging deeper, PYRO’s brand planning team uncovered how these perceptions, in reality, were in stark contrast to a great sense of pride in their personal stories, achievements, work ethic, and contributions toward helping to build America.

We knew that if A-MAX were able to demonstrate, in brand/product messaging and customer service, the highest level of respect in the category, the target audience would reciprocate with their loyalty. And we could also strategically position the brand as a leader at a time of growing minority influence in America.

Strong Brand Positioning Fuels ROI.

Our simple marketing campaign message: When it comes to your insurance experience, A-MAX gives you the maximum respect you deserve – not only in low rates but also in respectful service and respect for your community.

Thus was born the MaxRespect Initiative which is now a lasting component of their culture.


PYRO is an idea swat team that believes outstanding communications can have an enormous effect on the marketplace. Our mission is to build brands. Our weapons are insight, innovation, and imagination.

We believe that all products have a metaphysical value other than the mere sum of their physical attributes. Our brand strategy process will capture that essence, clone it, and put it into every piece of communication. These organic pieces of communication then reinforce and strengthen the metaphysical value. As it grows, margins increase, customers become more loyal, and your brand becomes less susceptible to competition and market fluctuations.

Contact us if you need help improving the ROI of your marketing campaign.

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