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When executed well, your company’s social media marketing will have a direct impact on sales. The world lives on social media these days with 75% of U.S. consumers engaging actively on social and more than 4.5 billion people around the globe consuming it daily. Social media is no longer simply for entertainment. It’s also become a research tool as well with half of consumers today comparing and evaluating products through social media platforms per Hootsuite.

Either your company is paying for your content to appear prominently, or your content is rising naturally through organic growth. With paid social, your company’s brand does the talking. You’re reaching people who may not know who you are, so the important thing is brand awareness and understanding—think more along the lines of a picture is worth a thousand words. With organic social, however, you’re reaching customers who follow and know you, so it’s all about engaging with them in meaningful ways. You appeal to that audience—as you would with friends—with your persona/voice/style.

PYRO’s organic social media subject-matter expert, Ameerah Saine, knows what drives clicks and viewership, and what’s trending. “There is substantially more video appearing in your feed these days.” And for good reason—a recent audit by HubSpot shows that 85% of marketers rate short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content. “We see many brands still reluctant to adopt this video trend. Companies obsessed with making their content perfect who essentially miss the big picture. With organic social, it’s OK to be imperfect. It can be raw. It can be captured on your cell phone. Make the content native to whatever platform you’re using. So, if you’re sharing something to Instagram, be sure the content is originating on that platform. The same with TikTok, Facebook, and other platforms. That will boost engagement and boost visibility.”

Ameerah also encourages brands to pay closer attention to the sound on its videos. “It’s the new hashtag,” she states. “When certain sounds and songs start rising and trending, it’s important to capitalize on the right sound at the right time.” Moreover, know that you can assign the same sound to different videos and different messaging campaigns.

For growing your social following, the key—like so many other things in life to be successful—is consistency, says Ameerah. “You can’t post once or twice a month and expect your audience to grow. You must have a content strategy planned, one that you implement—based on specific dates and times—then, engage with your audience. That means responding to comments and direct messages; the more you do that, the more visibility your post will have with your audiences and followers.”

A final thought. Social media is something that shouldn’t just fall to one person. It’s vital you get the buy-in from your entire company—that the entire company work as one with any social media initiatives, any upcoming launches. Further, be strategic in how your organization works together; it’s not as simple as a copy/paste of social media posts, or resharing, though that can be helpful. Rather, offer engagement across many market segments and communication points, so the audience never feels like they can opt out (or unsubscribe) from any one thing. Give your audience a little bit of information on each platform in a unique way, then have everyone work together to show up in an organic way to boost the business.

Is your brand’s social media presence something you struggle with? Let PYRO take the reins and show you how much growth your organization can experience with proper social media presence.

For nearly three decades, Dallas-based marketing firm, PYRO, has transformed more than a hundred brands using innovative media strategies and compelling creative for a proven marketing ROI. PYRO provides a comprehensive resource for achieving higher returns on your organic social media, including:

  • Handling the day-to-day management: community management and monthly content calendars

  • Identifying social media creative best practices

  • Developing persona/voice

  • Defining approach to role of social, persona/voice, visual style, channel, and cadence strategy as well as measurement approach

  • Developing community management playbook

  • Streamlining the process, keywords to monitor, engagement opportunities, sample responses

  • Developing quarterly reports to analyze content performance, social listening, and competitors

PYRO’s approach to developing an effective social media presence for your brand is simple: combine our deep consumer insight and expertise in digital strategy to create a customized plan that delivers real results. We use our extensive experience to help organizations refine plans as needed, so the strategy continues to work year after year. And the results speak for themselves as other clients have seen, including:

  • 600% increase in reach with a 6% increase in average engagement

  • 60% of customers during a six-month promotion window were new to the brand

  • Nearly a six-fold increase in brand engagement.

If your company’s social media efforts aren’t getting you noticed, exciting your target audience, forming an immediate bond with your loyal customers, or contributing to your aggressive sales goals, let’s talk.

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